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As an artist, I see our world full of color and imagine creating beautiful designs to go with those colors for that "ah-hah" moment in glass.  

Stained glass is often viewed with a narrow eye, as a religious art form, or as merely a craft . I challenge these ideas by using glass to create work that communicates on multiple levels, creating a special magic with the sun as  it rises and collaborates with the work.

I fell in love with the art of glass in 1971 and time and patience have honed the quality of work I am able to create.  

If you have a space in your home needing a sense of privacy or a too bright window......or you just like the idea of your own beautiful glass......let's talk.

Judy Batty resides in Fort Collins, Colorado. Before moving to Colorado in 2011, she lived throughout New England - most recently Richmond, Maine.

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