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Fine art stained glass, like a fine painting, is unique to each artist.  Each of my windows starts with thoughtfully designed drawings.  The drawings are created after listening to what the client loves.  I need to know if there is a theme they cherish, colors that resonate with them and whether the piece is strictly decorative or needs to also offer privacy.  Designing starts simply, with a number of small drawings colored with simple colored pencil and emailed to the client.  My hope, at this point, is to get reactions.  Negative reactions are as helpful as positive ones.  The process of sending drawings and receiving reactions goes on until a decision is made to go ahead with a certain design.  At that point, a full sized design is created and construction can begin.  


Because glass has very specific issues, I choose to use interesting old window frames to hold my work.  That allows me to make larger windows which are both stable and easily portable.  Besides, looking through an old window frame is both unique and visually appealing.  Having multiple small panes, allows the design to be uninterrupted by the need for a cut line to go all the way to the edge of a large piece of glass.  It is possible to create a piece to fit your specific space, but if the space is too large, it will require a separate frame. 


As an artist, I’m a listener.  I listen to what you love.  I listen for things that resonate with you, places you’ve been, dreams you have and the colors of those dreams.  I take those hopes, loves and dreams, and turn them into glowing stained glass pictures, which remind you each day of who you are.


Designing: To start, it's important to know where the window will be located.  Which direction the window will face is as important as whether it's trying to block a view.  Style and color are also questions to explore.  Once I have a sense of what you are envisioning, I will start creating designs.  The first 5 designs are free, as we work through the process.  A total change in scope or design plan will result in additional expense.


The first 5  designs are free as we work through  ideas.  Additional designs will incur  charges.

Deposit: Following design approval by artist and client, a deposit is required before work begins. The cost of the work will be determined at this time. The deposit is non-refundable  and is 25% of the total estimated cost of the work.

Contract: A contract will be drafted and signed by the client and artist upon agreement of the design.

Completion and payment: Estimate of delivery will be given to the client when work begins. Remaining payment is due upon delivery or pick up. (Cash, Credit Card, Paypal, Venmo)

To learn more about getting your own custom piece, please contact me! I'd love to work with you!

Commission completed in 2019

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